what is success

What Is Success?

Generally, we define success as accomplishing an objective or goal. However, this definition varies from person to person, as many people have erroneous definitions of what success is. When we pursue this idea, we will become unhappy and unfulfilled in our life. In order to make the most out of your life, it is necessary to understand the true meaning of success. According to Steven Covey, “A ladder should be leaning against the right building.”

What Is The True Meaning of Success?

Success is something that you enjoy, and you should do it for that reason. You should never do things just for the money. As an adult, work will occupy most of your time. Having money is great, but it should be a small part of your life. It can lead to dissatisfaction and discontentment with life. This is not what we’d call a success.

Success Is A State of Mind

Besides achieving your goal, success is also a state of mind. It can be a feeling of fulfillment, or a result of hard work. We may find success in a job that is not the most glamorous, but it is necessary for our society to progress. Often, we settle for a job we don’t enjoy, but this doesn’t mean that we are not successful. The true meaning of success can be found in a different setting.

Success and Happiness

The true definition of success is more subjective than objective. It doesn’t have to be a big, spectacular event. A rocket landing on an ocean barge is a monumental accomplishment, but the average person won’t get as much satisfaction from it. Instead, success is a process of helping other people reach their goals. Those are not necessarily the same things. The true meaning of happiness is helping others reach their goals, and these are the things that define true success.

Success cannot be separated from other areas. By focusing on one area, you’ll be limiting yourself from your other goals. So the true meaning of success is defined by your values, not just your financial status. By pursuing what you value, you’ll find fulfillment and happiness. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, you’ll create a positive impact on others. This is the true meaning of success.


The true meaning of success is subjective. It can have different definitions depending on the individual. In some cases, success is defined by achieving a goal and achieving a personal goal. The same holds true for achievement. Achieving a goal is the key to a successful life. Achieving a goal can only be considered a successful person. It’s also a means of happiness, which can be measured in many different ways.

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