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Book Synopsis

"Local" by Alastair Humphreys chronicles the adventurer's quest for nearby nature after global expeditions. Exploring his home's detailed map unveils surprising wonders, advocating for curiosity, outdoor exploration, and local conservation.

About The Author

Alastair Humphreys, an Adventurer, Microadventurer, Author, and Speaker, embodies a life of exploration. From cycling the globe to tree climbs, desert crossings, and rowing oceans, his adventures inspire. Named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, he champions microadventures and presents to diverse audiences worldwide.


Book Highlights

Exploring the Familiar:

Alastair Humphreys embarks on a year-long journey to explore his local surroundings, finding wonder in the seemingly mundane landscapes outside London.

Discovering Surprises:

Despite his extensive global expeditions, Humphreys uncovers more about the natural world and his neighborhood than ever before, challenging assumptions about adventure and exploration.

Embracing Wanderlust:

Can a single map provide a lifetime of exploration? Humphreys delves into this question, seeking adventure and satisfaction close to home.

Slowing Down:

"Local" celebrates the art of slowing down and appreciating the beauty of one's surroundings, offering profound reflections on life and nature.

Mix of Genres:

This book blends adventure, citizen naturalist, and climate activism writing, inspiring readers to explore their own environments and appreciate the world around them.

Environmental Consciousness:

Humphreys' local exploration project highlights the importance of minimizing carbon footprints and seeking adventure in sustainable ways.

Repetitive Yet Admirable:

While the narrative may sometimes repeat experiences, Humphreys' dedication to local exploration is admirable, offering thought-provoking insights into adventure close to home.

Inspiration for Readers:

Despite occasional repetition, "Local" sparks readers' imaginations and motivates them to plan their own micro-adventures, encouraging a shift in perspective towards local exploration.

Attitude Over Location:

Humphreys emphasizes that it's not just about the location, but our attitude towards exploration that truly matters, encouraging readers to find beauty and growth in their own backyards.

A Spark of Imagination:

With its mix of adventure and reflection, "Local" ignites a spark of imagination in readers, inspiring them to appreciate and explore their own local environments with fresh eyes.

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