To The City Book Review!

Book Synopsis

"To The City" by Alexander Christie-Miller is a captivating exploration of Istanbul's history and present-day struggles, weaving tales of its resilient inhabitants and the echoes of its past conquests.

About The Author

Alexander Christie-Miller, born in Wiltshire in 1982, studied English Literature and Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin. As a former Istanbul correspondent (2010-2017), his profound understanding of Turkey's complexities enriches his insightful writings on its history and contemporary issues.

Book Highlights


Enthralling Guide:

Alexander Christie-Miller offers an insightful journey through Istanbul's history and present-day challenges, illuminating the city's complexity and allure.

Historical Insights:

Christie-Miller's narrative skillfully intertwines past events with contemporary issues, providing a nuanced understanding of Istanbul's political and cultural landscape.

Crumbling Walls:

Walking along Istanbul's ancient fortifications, Christie-Miller encounters echoes of the city's past and glimpses into its uncertain future.

Center of Challenges:

Istanbul's unique position between continents makes it a focal point for global issues like environmental decay and authoritarianism, explored in Christie-Miller's narrative.

Human Stories:

Meeting locals around the city's Byzantine-era walls, Christie-Miller reveals personal tales of resilience and resistance amid looming crises.

Dual Narratives:

"To the City" seamlessly blends Turkey's recent history with the epic story of Mehmet II's conquest in 1453, offering a comprehensive view of Istanbul's past.

Meditative Exploration:

Christie-Miller's book is a soulful reflection on Istanbul's essence, celebrating its resilience and spirit amidst adversity.

Beauty Amidst Danger:

Through Christie-Miller's eyes, readers witness the beauty and hope that coexist with the challenges facing Istanbul today.

Literary Acclaim:

Louise Callaghan praises Christie-Miller's ability to intricately weave together Istanbul's past and present, offering a rich and nuanced portrayal of the city.

Essential Reading:

For those seeking a deeper understanding of Istanbul beyond the binaries, Christie-Miller's work is a must-read, offering profound insights into this ancient capital's soul.

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