Twisted Love Book Review!

Book Introduction

In "Twisted Love," Alex Volkov, a devil with an angelic facade, grapples with past tragedy, consumed by ruthless pursuits until he's tasked with caring for his best friend's sister, Ava Chen. Their forbidden attraction unveils dark secrets, sparking a love destined for chaos. This steamy romance brims with suspense and passion, cautioning mature readers of its explicit content.

About The Author

Ana Huang is a bestselling author known for her Twisted series and captivating contemporary romances. With alpha heroes and strong heroines, her books have global appeal and have been featured in top publications.

Book Highlights


Series Introduction:

"The Twisted Love" marks the start of an exciting series, offering a light and engaging romance plot perfect for quick reads.

Character-driven Romance:

Meet Eva and Alex, the central figures whose complex pasts shape their budding relationship in this captivating tale.

Intriguing Premise:

Dive into a story where Eva's cheerful demeanor contrasts with Alex's dark history, adding layers to their characters.

Bollywood-style Plot:

Experience a twisty narrative reminiscent of Indian cinema, though it may follow predictable tropes for some readers.

Heavy Themes Explored:

Delve into themes like suicide, betrayal, and criminal activity, adding depth but potentially distressing to sensitive readers.

Strong Character Development:

Follow Alex's journey as he grapples with his tragic past and seeks revenge against his family's murderer, his own uncle.

Well-executed Plot Twist:

Uncover the satisfying revelation of Alex's uncle as the true culprit, delivering an unexpected and fulfilling twist.

Dual Perspectives:

Explore Eva and Alex's inner worlds through alternating chapters, offering insight into their thoughts and emotions.

Future Character Focus:

Anticipate the next installment shifting focus to side character Bridget, promising a fresh angle on the narrative.

Overall Recommendation:

"The Twisted Love" delivers an engaging blend of romance, well-rounded characters, and an intriguing plot, making it a must-read for romance enthusiasts.

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