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Overthinking - Fear of Failure!

Overthinking – Fear of Failure!

“Overthinking can limit our potential, impede our progress, and stunt our success.” Surajit Roy Tweet Are you someone who constantly worries and over-analyzes every decision you make? Do you experience fear of failure that leads to a paralyzing inability to move forward? If so, you may be guilty of overthinking. Overthinking can be a major …

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The WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health.

The WHO Mental Health Initiative

Mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia, affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Poor mental health can have devastating effects on individuals, their families and their communities. It can lead to social isolation, reduced quality of life, missed work and school days, and even death. Mental health conditions …

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Book review, "80/20 Your Life" To know more, please visit, .

Book Review : 80/20 Your Life

“Efficiency is most important because it will help someone progress in their career.” Surajit Roy In the book, 80/20 Your Life!, the author covers several areas of your life where a simple mindset change can produce a significant impact. This change is adopting the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule. This book is a perfect example …

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Social Behavioral Health

Social behavioral health is a field of study that looks at the ways in which social and behavioral factors influence health and well-being. It includes research on topics such as health disparities, health promotion, and disease prevention. Most people think of physical health when they think of health. However, there is more to health than …

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