Love Science : psychology of attraction

When it comes to dating, "Love Science: Psychology of Attraction" emphasizes the importance of having chemistry with the person you want.

With its handy overview of romance, this easy-to-read guide will help you find the right fit for you. This book is based upon scientific research and psychological expertise. I have described how different types of feelings affect how we perceive and interact with people. They also provide numerous examples of real circumstances in which people have experienced true love and joy.

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Why Love Science? – Maintaining a strong relationship requires ongoing care and communication, and it has been demonstrated that some characteristics are particularly important in fostering healthy relationships.

The end goal of all types of a love relationship is to have a similar and satisfying relationship.

Surajit Roy | Love Science
The Road-Map of Love Psychology, This image is the symbol of love psychology and its road map. Which content Love, Attraction, Relationship and Psychology.


If you make this extra effort for someone who can return the favor, love can be the biggest feeling you can ever feel.


Attraction describes a person's emotional, romantic, sexual, physical or aesthetic interest, desire or affinity.


Consists of friendship, sexual attractiveness, intellectual compatibility and, of course love.


Unlike what we like to say and believe, the feeling of love does not happen in our hearts, at least scientifically.

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