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Book review, Legendary Self-Discipline. To read more please visit,

Book Review : Legendary Self-Discipline

“Choose the Right Path – Unlock Legendary Self-Discipline with Mythology and Modern Heroes!” Surajit Roy Legendary Self-Discipline – Lessons from Mythology and Modern Heroes on Choosing the Right Path Over the Easy Path, written by Peter Hollins, is a book that provides readers with a unique approach to cultivating self-discipline. Through an exploration of ancient …

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Book review, Do epic ship. To know more please visit,

Book Review : Do Epic Shit

“Make friends with your beliefs.” ~Surajit Roy “This book is not going to something new. It is meant to put words to your thoughts. Thoughts that we all feel, repeatedly, but rarely stop to make sense of.” It is important to keep your fundamental beliefs and values in mind. It helps you remember why you’re …

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