Do not do these things during physical relations, the partner may get very angry

These Actions Should Not Be Done During Intercourse. The Partner May Become Very Angry.

Any Love Relationships Next Step Is Physical Intimacy Physical Intimacy Strengthens The Bond Of Love

The Relationship Between Two People Deepens When Their Physical Relationship Increases.

A Partner May Not Like Some Things During The Development Of Physical Relationship.

During The Process Of Becoming Close Friends It Is Better Not To Discuss Sensitive Topics With Your Companion This Could Negatively Affect The Mood Of The Companion Leading To A Potential Discord In The Friendship

If A Trusted Person Uses Inappropriate Behavior Or Causes Any Issue During The Time Of Being Loyal The Situation May Become Even More Complicated

If You Want To Be Close To Someone, You Must Be Considerate Without Comparing This Relationship With Them. Otherwise The Partner May Get Angry.

Future Plans Should Not Be Discussed With The Sex Partner. If Such A Thing Is Said, It May Be In The Future And May Cause A Change In The Partner'S Mood.

It Is Wrong To Follow Your Own Desires In Intimate Situations. Things May Turn Bad For The Partner. It Is Also Necessary To Listen To The Partner. Fulfill His Imagination Too.