Season of love (प्यार का मौसम)

Love is in the air as the seasons change and the days grow shorter.

Fall is a time for new beginnings,

and what better way to start a new relationship than with a romantic gesture?

Whether you’re just starting to date someone

or you’ve been together for years,

Pack a basket with your favorite fall foods and drinks and head to the park for a romantic picnic lunch.

Enjoy the autumn leaves and fresh air on a romantic hike together.

Make a homemade dinner. Nothing says “I love you” like a home-cooked meal.

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Go on a hayride. snuggle up together on a hayride and take in the sights and sounds of fall.

Spend a day at the apple orchard and then come home and bake an apple pie together.

Go on a scenic drive.

Pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve together.

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