How to Attract Someone? - A Guide to Captivating Hearts.

How to Attract Someone?

Are you tired of being single and looking for that special someone? You are not alone. Many people are searching for the perfect partner, and the internet is the first place they turn to. However, with so much competition online, it can be challenging to stand out and attract the right person. In this guide, …

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Dating Tips : Mastering Online Dating: A Comprehensive Guide.

Mastering Online Dating

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering online dating! In this article, we will provide you with essential dos and don’ts to help you navigate the world of online dating successfully. By following these guidelines, you will enhance your chances of finding meaningful connections and increase your overall satisfaction with online dating platforms. Understanding Online …

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Book review, Why not me. To know more, .

Book Review : Why Not Me?

“A broken heart can give you strength.” Surajit Roy Zoya and the author fell in love with each other in their school days. But, their relationship was always one-sided. Zoya never reciprocated the author’s feelings. The author always hoped that someday Zoya would realize her feelings and they would be together. But, that never happened. …

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Top 7 Dating tips for finding the right person.

Top 07 Dating Tips

The contemplation of love and relationships is a universal human experience. Love is a pervasive concept that occupies our thoughts, regardless of our relationship status. As individuals, we often contemplate the hypothetical scenario of being in a romantic partnership, pondering the actions we would take to demonstrate our affection, as well as the ways in …

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This is a digital hand drawing anime style poster. One street lights are lit. There is little bit cloud in the sky. The color of the sky is light purple and blue. A blog title written on this poster; "10 Interesting love Facts". This blog written by Surajit Roy, an author, blogger and book reviewer. To know more about him, visit his official website He is also available on Goodreads, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter; @isurajitroy is the profile handle (ID) for all above social media networks.

10 Interesting Love Facts

“If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you.” Surajit Roy There is no definitive answer to this question since every relationship is unique and therefore the seriousness of love will vary. However, in general, love in a relationship is often seen as something that is very important and should be …

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