Hindenburg Report: Adani Group'S Reply To Hindenburg: Top 10 Points Adani Raised

Adani Group Responded To Hindenburgs Claims With 10 Points Raised On January 30 2023

The Document Is A Malicious Amalgamation Of Selective Misinformation And Hidden Facts Concerning Unfounded And Discredited Claims That Aim To Achieve An Ulterior Motive

This Is Not Just An Unwarranted Attack On A Specific Company But A Deliberate Assault On Indias Independence Integrity And Institutional Quality As Well As On Indias Growth Story And Aspirations

Three Main Themes Evident In Recent Events Include The Manipulative Presentation Of Information Already Publicized To Create A Deceptive Narrative Disregard For Legal And Accounting Standards Within Industry Practices And Contempt Towards Indian Institutions

The Outcome Of The Report Indicates That The Public Investors Suffer While Hindenburg Profits Greatly Therefore The Report Lacks Independence Objectivity And Thorough Research

Illegal Practices Have Been Used By Hindenburg To Keep Their Short Positions And The Source Of Their Funding Concealed There Is A Lack Of Transparency Regarding Who Is Behind These Practices And The Profits Generated By Holding Such Positions In Our Securities

Not A Single One Of The 88 Questions Is Rooted In Independent Or Journalistic Factfinding They Are Merely Selective Repetitions Of Publicly Disclosed Information Or Rhetorical Implications That Portray Rumors As Truths

The Report Investigates 88 Questions 65 Of Which Pertain To Issues That Adani Portfolio Companies Have Already Disclosed In Their Annual Reports

Criticism And The Judiciary Do Not Give The Right To Make False And Defamatory Statements That Could Harm Our Stakeholders Interests We Retain The Option To Pursue Legal Recourse In Indian Courts When Such Interests Are In Jeopardy