Drown by Technology

By Surajit Roy

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A 16-year-old boy named Roni was dependent on social media. He was hooked to his phone and computer for the majority of the day, going through his numerous feeds and constantly looking for developments. Roni chose to try something new, though, one day. He made the decision to test out the new virtual reality video game “Neo World” after hearing about it.

Roni was unaware that Neo World was much more than a simple game. The game was developed by an enigmatic team of scientists who were experimenting with a cutting-edge technology that let users join a virtual world and indulge their desires.

The moment she started playing, Roni was engrossed. He spent hours wandering around the virtual world, interacting with new people, and having experiences he never imagined. He had the impression that he was really living a parallel existence while playing the game.

Roni quickly realised, however, that he was stuck in the game. He saw that the game appeared to be becoming more difficult every day, and he was unable to see a way out. He felt like he was in a loop that would never stop, and he was getting more and more frantic to get out.

Roni discovered a hidden lab after finding a subterranean corridor one day. He discovered a team of scientists inside working on an odd gadget. They informed Roni that they were conducting research into a method of bringing people’s awareness into the virtual realm and that they were looking for a test subject.

In addition to being afraid, Roni experienced an odd sensation of fascination. He hesitated for a while, then consented to be their test subject. When the scientists connected him to the device, Roni was instantly teleported into the virtual world.

Roni understood that he had the ability to influence and control the world as he examined it. He had the ability to conceive new species, plan landscapes, and even manipulate the weather. He experienced a divine feeling.

But then he picked up on an odd detail. He sensed that someone was keeping an eye on him. He turned to see, but he was alone himself. He heard a voice out of the blue. It originated from the machine.

Roni, welcome,” the voice stated. Right now, Neo World includes you. You have the ability to mould this planet anyway you choose since you are its ruler. Use your power carefully because we will be monitoring you.

Roni was in awe. He didn’t know what was happening, but he was aware that he was in over his head. He was unsure of how to leave the game or even if he wanted to. He was confined to the virtual world and unsure of what the future could bring.

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