14 Biggest Long Distance Relationship Problems

Physical Intimacy The Absence Of Physical Touch Can Be Difficult To Deal With In A Longdistance Relationship Canva

Communication Communication Can Be More Difficult When You Are Not Physically Together Time Differences Busy Schedules And Technical Issues Can Make It All The More Difficult Canva

Confianza Confianza Puede Ser Aún Más Difícil De Mantener En Una Relación A Larga Distancia Canva


Keeping Up With Expectations Becomes A Difficult Task Leading To Misunderstandings And Conflicts

Conectar La Distancia Física Puede Generar Sentimientos De Desconexión Especialmente Si Los Socios Tienen Rutinas Diarias O Estilos De Vida Diferentes

Cultural Differences Can Pose A Challenge In A Longdistance Relationship If There Are Language Or Customs Barriers