7 Expert Tips To Deal With A Breakup

Breakups Hurt People Face Sleepless Nights And Sometimes Mornings Are The Worst However To Help You Sail Through This Difficult Period We Bring To You 7 Expert Tips By Arouba Kabir Mental Health Counsellor Founder Of Enso Wellness

Avoid Disrespecting Yourself And Your Partner Bad Mouthing Is Not Going To Help You You Do Not Just Disrespect Your Partner But You Disrespect Yourself In The Process

Stop Blaming Yourself Sometimes Its Not A Person But The Circumstances Which Arent Right Credit Pexel

Allow Yourself To Grieve Dont Bottle Up Your Emotions Feel It And Let It Go

Try Altering The Way You Think Change Your Approach And Focus On Your Present Rather Than Thinking About The Past Or What Could Have Been

Practice Forgiveness

সহজে যাও কিন্তু স্বীকারময় হওয়া স্বাধীনতার চারপাশে ঘটমান সকল চেষ্টা গ্রহণ করান শ্রেয় পেক্সেল