7 Tricks To Use Chatgpt Like A Pro

7 Tips For Expert Use Of Chatgpt

A Prompt Is A Text Fragment Used To Initiate The Generation Of New Text By An Ai Model

Specify Chatgpts Function By Requesting It To Act As A Recruiter Teacher Expert Lawyer Or Marketer To Provide Responses To Your Inquiries

Explain Things As If I Am 5 Years Old Like Elon Musk Does Using Clear And Unique Explanations With Examples Learn From Chatgpt

How To Use Chained Promoting You Can Request Me To Write An Article And Provide An Outline With A Headline Several Subheadings And More Afterwards You Can Ask Me To Write Five Different Subheadings And Add Five Keywords For Each Heading

Here Are Some Copywriting Prompts How Can I Enhance My Skills In Writing Headlines Tips For Creating More Engaging Product Descriptions

Develop Website Architecture And Code Using Javascript

Please Suggest Some Ideas For Blog Posts Related To The Topic That Can Be Used As Marketing Prompts