8 Signs It'S An Unhealthy Attachment And Not Love

8 Tandatanda Ini Bukan Cinta Yang Sehat Dan Lezat Mirchi 8 Mei 2023

Consistent Feelings Of Anxiety And Insecurity Arise When You Are Distanced From Them Suggesting A Dependency On Their Validation That May Have Become A Defining Aspect Of Your Relationship

Lack Of Authentic Connection

The Idea Of A Relationship Another Telltale Sign Is When It Is Not A Relationship With This Specific Person That Excites You But Only A Very General Idea Of A Relationship Which Is In Your Head

No Interest In Knowing Them When Who They Are As A Person And Their Personal Journey Doesnt Interest You Then Take It As A Sign That This Is Not Love

What Others Think Matters

No Planning For The Future When You Neglect Your Future Self And Disregard What Lies Ahead For You And The Person You Are With Is Not Love

Lack Of Vulnerability When You Dont Feel Like You Can Be Vulnerable With Your Partner Then It Is A Definite Sign Of A Lack Of Authentic Connection

All About Sex When It Becomes More Or Less About The Physical Intimacy And Not About An Emotional Bond Then It Is A Sign That This Is Not Love