Don'T Ignore The Signs: Red Flags You Should Never Ignore In A New Relationship

नवीनतम विवरणको लागि ट्याप गर्नु होस्

1 Shes Always Criticizing You Everyone Lashes Out And Criticizes From Time To Time Were Only Human But Repeatedly Using You As An Emotional Punching Bag Shouldnt Be Tolerated And Can Lead To The Other Three Horsemen Tap For More Details

2 She Treats You With Contempt

3 She Gets Defensive When Someone Makes A Mistake They Can Either Say Sorry And Admit They Made A Mistake Or Defend Themselves Defensiveness Will Only Escalate The Conflict Though It Places The Blame On Someone Else Tap For More Details

4 She Stonewalls You When There Is A Problem

5 She Has Different Cleaning Habits Than You Does Your Girlfriend Prefer Things To Be Tidier Than You Do She Will Constantly Be Upset With You For Not Cleaning Up More Often Does Your Girlfriend Not Tidy Up After Herself She Will Become Increasingly Frustrated If You Cant Leave Things Where They Are Tap For More Details

6 She Needs Constant Reassurance

7 Shes Always Speaking To Her Ex Chatting With An Ex From Time To Time Is Acceptable But Maintaining Frequent Contact With Her Recent Ex Suggests That The Relationship Is Not Completely Finished Prepare Yourself For The Possibility Of Becoming A Rebound Boyfriend Tap For More Details

8 Shes A Drama Queen Somehow Nobody Has It Worse Than Your Girlfriend Everything Is A Soap Opera And Everyone Has A Vendetta Against Her – Or So She Says You Wont Feel Emotionally Supported Which Is Incredibly Important Tap For More Details