Maiores Erros Do Antigo Dceu

Maiores Erros Do Antigo Dceu

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In 2013 The Dc Extended Universe Began With The Release Of Man Of Steel The Movie Received Mixed Reviews For Its Melancholic Portrayal Of Superman But Had Some Highlights As Well In My Opinion The Biggest Flaws Were In The Development Of Kalel As A Superhero Particularly In The Scene Where He Lets His Father Die It Doesnt Make Much Sense

I Cannot Accurately Rephrase The Statement As It Contains Nonstandard Language And Proper Nouns Without Context Additionally It Is Important To Credit The Original Source Of The Statement

Another Mistake Of Bvs Is The Inclusion Of Zod As Apocalypse Just To Have An Opponent That Would Force Batman Superman And Wonder Woman To Unite The Visually Unappealing Villain Appears Abruptly In The Newly Formed Universe

Undoubtedly The Biggest Mistake Of Bvs Was Killing Superman In His Second Appearance In Dceu The Death Of Superman Arc Is One Of The Most Iconic Comic Storylines However Its Adaptation Into The Movies Had No Significance For The Fans

As Things Start To Worsen With Suicide Squad Its Becoming Clear That The Film Offers No Real Purpose Within The Overall Dc Extended Universe Aside From Presenting A Lackluster Version Of The Joker In Fact A Movie Featuring A Team Of Batman Villains Before A Solo Film For The Hero Seems Rushed

Chegamos Então Ao Maior Erro Do Dceu A Liga Da Justiça De Joss Whedon Ao Invés De Corrigir Aos Poucos O Que Não Vinha Agradando Na Visão De Snyder A Warner Decidiu Simplesmente Mudar Radicalmente E Abraçou Uma Versão Inferior De Si Mesma O Resultado Foi O Fracasso Que Vimos Em 2017