A Night of Reflection

By Surajit Roy

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Exploring the Crossroads of Life in World War II New York City

It was now night, and war rumours were pervasive in the air. The streets were illuminated by the city’s brilliant lights, and the air was filled with the loud buzz of the motors.

A young man named John, who was from a New York City suburb, was at a turning point in his life. The world was full of opportunities for him as he had just graduated from high school. He was terrified of the unforeseeable perils of war even though he had ambitions to enlist and defend his nation.

The recruiter greeted him when he arrived at the hiring office. To ascertain his suitability for the army, he underwent a physical exam and other tests. John received a perfect score and was shortly headed to boot camp.

John received training in the fundamentals of soldiering and was exposed to the brutal reality of combat. He mastered the use of a range of weapons as well as tactics and strategy. After a while, he was sent overseas to take part in the war.

John arrived among a gory battleground. Eventually, he was promoted to sergeant for his valiant fighting. He witnessed the destruction the war had wrought and the toll it had taken on humanity as the fighting went on. He was adamant that he would take all necessary action to defend his nation and its citizens.

After suffering a battle injury, John triumphantly made it home. His desire to change the world was driven by his pride in having served his country. He then built a prosperous company after returning to school to complete his business degree. He improved the quality of life for himself and his family by using his knowledge and expertise.

On the eve of World War II, John faced a decision point in his life and chose the right one. He had made a decision to serve his country and had changed the course of history. He was happy with his life’s accomplishments and proud of his success. He was a hero and a testament to the bravery and fortitude of those who serve.

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