The Unforgiving Ghost

By Surajit Roy

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A Woman’s Escape from Her Father’s Grasp

For the last few years, Janet had been evading her father. She had been leading a solitary existence and had never dared to go back to the little village where she had grown up. But lately, she had been seeing some peculiar occurrences.

She initially believed it to be a figment of her mind. But soon she began to hear a whispered voice in the darkness, reaching out to her, reverberating through her house. She was certain that her father was there to take her home.

The voice became more forceful and louder. It appeared to get closer and closer every night, until one night Janet heard a light tapping at her window. Although she was afraid, she decided to peep out through the curtains since she was so curious.

She was horrified to see her father’s ghost outside of her window, a spectral apparition hovering in the air. She was bone-chillingly cold after seeing that scene. She hastily closed the drapes in an attempt to block out what she had seen. Day after day, the ghost kept returning.

The only way to get the ghost to cease was for Janet to confront it. She summoned the bravery to crack the window. In her father’s voice, the spirit pleaded with her to go back and make apologies.

Janet objected. She was resolved to avoid her father at all costs. The ghost became more enraged and started to attack her. Her room was shaken as it hurled everything around, and soon the entire home was trembling.

If Janet didn’t take action, the ghost, she was certain, would murder her. The ghost followed her as she fled from the house and down the street. She eventually came across an ancient, deserted church.

It was the ideal location for a ghost hideout. As soon as she felt secure, she sprinted inside and closed the door. She saw, however, that the church was not as deserted as she had initially believed. In the shadows, a man was standing and closely observing her.

Her father was there. He had located her and was now on his way to pick her up. As he begged her to go back with him, Janet gradually started to think that perhaps it was time to return.

Janet realised she was secure since the ghost had disappeared. Even though the ghost didn’t come back, she accompanied her father home and was still plagued by its presence. She still stops and holds her breath whenever she hears a whisper in the night, wondering if the ghost has come back to haunt her once again.

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