Airline Pilot Salary

Estimation Of Airline Pilots Income What Is The Salary Range For Pilots

Airline Pilots Do Not Receive A Traditional Salary Instead They Are Paid Per Flight Hour The Pilots Salary Is Calculated Based On The Number Of Hours Flown

Experience Plays A Crucial Role In Determining A Pilots Pay As The Number Of Years Spent At An Airline Directly Impacts The Salary

Airlines Vary Hourly Pay Rates Depending On The Type Of Aircraft Being Flown Typically Larger Aircraft Result In Higher Pay Rates

Most New Airline Pilots Begin Their Careers At Regional Airlines And Earn A Regional Airline Pilot Pay It Is Common For Pilots To Stay At Regional Airlines For A Period Of 35 Years Before Advancing To Major Airlines

New Pilots Usually Begin Their Careers As First Officers And The Pay Varies Depending On The Regional Airline They Work For Estimated Year One Pay For Some Regional Airlines Are As Follows Air Wisconsin 37000 Endeavor Air 51000 Envoy Air 83000 Mesa Airlines 36000 Psa Airlines 50000 It Should Be Noted That These Figures Are Only Estimates And Some Airlines May Offer Signing Bonuses Resulting In Higher Pay For The First Year And Lower Pay For The Second Year Other Regional Airlines Such As Republic Airways Offer An Estimated Year One Pay Of 46000 While Skywest Airlines Offer An Estimated Year One Pay Of 45000

Regional Captains Usually Receive Higher Pay Compared To First Officers In Some Cases First Officers Can Become Captains After Three To Five Years Of Experience The Estimated Pay For Year One Varies Depending On The Airline Company Air Wisconsin Endeavor Air Envoy Air Mesa Airlines And Psa Airlines Offer An Estimated Pay Range Of 62000 To 86000 While Republic Airways And Skywest Airlines Offer 90000 And 75000 Respectively Please Note That These Figures Are Only Estimates

Typically After Working A Few Years At A Regional Carrier Most Airline Pilots Increase Their Pay Significantly By Moving To One Of The Major Airlines