Chatgpt Fails The Upsc Exam, Answering Only 54/100 Questions.

Chatgpt Fails Upsc Exam With A Score Of 54100 According To An Undisclosed Source

Despite Passing Top Global Exams In Law Medicine And Business Chatgpt Only Answered 54 Out Of 100 Questions On The Upsc Exam Without Specifying Its Source Or Credit

Artificial Intelligence Ai Chatbot Chatgpt Has Gained Media Attention Since Its Launch However Even Chatas Ungpt Could Not Pass The Extremely Challenging Upsc Exam Which Is Taken In India To Hire And Train Public Officials

The Union Public Service Commission Conducts Various Examinations To Select Eligible Candidates For The Indian Government

Despite Following The Current Trend An Analytics Magazine Evaluated A Chatbots Performance In The Upsc Exam In Which Only 54 Out Of 100 Questions From Questionnaire 1 Set A Of The Upsc Prelims 2022 Were Answered

The Al Chatbot Failed To Meet The 8754 Cutoff For General Category Students In 2021 Because It Was Unable To Answer Subject Questions That Covered Current Events Social Development Polity Geography Economics History Ecology And Science

Despite Passing Some Of The Toughest Exams Worldwide Including The Us Medical Exam The Us Bar Exam For Law And The Mba Program At The University Of Pennsylvanias Wharton School

Questions Pertaining To A Range Of Topics Such As Geography Economy History Ecology General Science And Current Events Were Posed To The Chatgpt As Per Reports Inquiries Regarding The Present Scenario Were Initially Slated For The Year 2022

Chatgpt Was Unable To Provide An Answer But The Report Revealed That Chatgpt Offered Incorrect Responses To Inquiries Belonging To Categories Such As General Science Geography And Economy