Chatgpt Fails To Clear Upsc Exam

Chatgpt Boasts A Wide Array Of Knowledge Having Successfully Cleared Multiple Challenging Exams Since Its Launch However Its Ability To Pass The Indian Civil Services Examination Upsc Remains Uncertain Can Chatgpt Overcome This Obstacle

The Indian Civil Services Examination Organized By Upsc Is Recognized As One Of The Most Challenging Tests Globally Candidates Usually Devote Years Of Study To Prepare For The Upsc Exam

In Order To Assess Its Ability To Clear The Upsc Exam We Presented All 100 Questions From Question Paper 1 Set A Of The Upsc Prelims 2022 And Attempted To Ask It Upsc Questions

To Our Surprise Chatgpt Answered Only 54 Questions Correctly Out Of 100 Questions And Here Is The Result

In The Year 2021 The Cutoff For General Category Candidates Was 8754 Based On This Data Chatgpt Did Not Clear The Upsc Exam

The Questions Covered A Wide Range Of Topics Including Geography Economy History Ecology General Science Current Events Of National And International Importance Social Development And Polity

Due To Limitations In Its Knowledge Chatgpt Is Currently Unable To Answer Questions On Current Events And Affairs As Of September 2021

But Chatgpt Also Gave Incorrect Responses To Subjects Like Economy And Geography Which Are Not Necessarily Timebound And There Were Some Other Erroneous Replies

In Certain Situations Chatgpt Has Created Alternative Options On Its Own For Instance While Responding To Certain Queries It Displayed An Option E As The Answer Even Though It Was Not Part Of The Original Options Provided Chatgpt Has The Ability To Create Its Own Options