China: China Is Now The Richest Nation In The World. See How

中国现已成为世界上最富有的国家。查看2021年11月16日的Et Online了解详情。

‘Richest Nation China Is Now The Richest Nation In The World’ Reports Consultants Mckinsey Co Image Source Getty Images

Global Wealth Tripled Over Last Two Decades With China Accounting For Onethird Of That

Skyrocketing Wealth China Surpasses The Us As Wealth Soars To 120 Trillion From A Mere 7 Trillion In 2000

Us Second The Us Now In 2Nd Spot Saw Its Net Worth More Than Double Over The Period To 90 Tn Image Source Getty Images

​In Both Countries The Richest 10 Of Households Hold Over Twothirds Of The Wealth

Dark Clouds China Could Run Into Trouble Over The Debt Of Property Developers Like Evergrande Image Source Afp

Mckinsey Report Examines National Balance Sheets Of 10 Countries With More Than 60 Of World Income Image Source Getty Images

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Not Counted Financial Assets Are Not Counted Because They Are Effectively Offset By Liabilities

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