Do Not Marry Someone Before Answering These 11 Questions

Jun 20 2023 इन 11 प्रश्नों का उत्तर देने से पहले किसी से शादी न करें Timesofindiacom

Communication How Do You Prefer To Communicate How Do You Handle Conflicts Or Disagreements Befunky

Values And Beliefs What Are Your Core Values And Beliefs Are There Any Significant Differences That May Affect Your Relationship Befunky

Finances How Do You Approach Money Management What Are Your Spending And Saving Habits Do You Have Any Financial Goals Befunky

Family How Do You Envision Your Future Family Do You Want Children How Will You Handle Family Responsibilities And Interactions Befunky

Career And Ambitions What Are Your Career Aspirations How Do You Balance Work And Personal Life Are You Supportive Of Each Others Professional Goals Befunky

Intimacy What Are Your Expectations Regarding Physical Intimacy Emotional Support And Showing Affection How Do You Prioritize And Maintain A Healthy Intimate Life Befunky

Responsibilities How Do You Divide Household Chores And Responsibilities Are You Both On The Same Page Regarding Shared Duties Befunky