Is Your Life Coded At Birth? Human Design, Explained

Is Your Life Coded At Birth Human Design Explained Learn More

Human Design Is Frequently Referred To As A User Manual For Ones Life According To Human Design And Astrology Not Only Does Your Birth Time Date And Location Shape Your Personality But They Also Determine Your Unique Strengths And Guide Your Experiences In The World Explore All The Different Types

Human Design Energy Types The First Part Of Human Design Involves Determining The Type Of Energy One Possesses Within Themselves The Five Energy Types Of Human Design Are Manifestor Generator Manifesting Generator Projector And Reflector See All The Types

1 Manifestor As An Initiator A Manifestor Holds The Power To Make An Impact They Possess A Closed Repelling Energy That Can Be Unsettling To Those Who Desire Control Over Them Manifestors Find Their Happiness In Solitude Explore All The Types

2 Generator In Contrast To The Manifestor The Generator Is Very Open And Inviting Theyre Here To Respond To Life And Feel Pulled Towards Whatever Is Put In Front Of Them See All The Types

Projector Projectors Thrive On Directing Rather Than Executing They Are The Playmakers And The Managers – People Who See Things Differently And Are Ready To Solve Problems See All The Types

Human Design Authority Types The Next Step In Understanding Your Human Design Is To Get A Grasp Of Your Authority Which Is How You Make Your Decisions Is It Quick And Confident Or Slow And Deliberate See All The Types

1 Emotional Authority

2 Sacral Authority This Authority Pertains To The Deep Instinctive Bodily Response It Encompasses The Flutter Of Butterflies In Your Stomach The Transformation Into Recoiling Hornets And The Range Of Sensations In Between Explore All The Different Variations