Apr 12 2023 Extramarital Affairs Last Longer Sunil Desale

Cheating Is Not Tolerated Be It Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage No One Wants To Share Their Partner With Another Person But If There Is Cheating Instead Of Love In The Relationship Everything Changes Credit Pexels

Difficult To End Relationships Have You Ever Thought About When And How A Person Gets Involved In Another Relationship Even Though They Are Still Married, Even If The Relationship Started Casually, It Is Often Difficult To End These Relationships Credit Pexels

​Romantic Affairs​ When A Partner Other Than The Spouse Comes Into A Person'S Life, Romantic Affairs Start And Never End. Credit Pexels

​One Night Stand​ When A Man Is Completely Disappointed With His Marriage Life, He Starts Having Affairs To Renew His Life.Affairs Go On For Years Just For Your Happiness Credit Pexels

Sex Addicts Have Affairs That Go On For Years Because The Person Who Is Addicted To Sex Often Has No Emotional Attachment To Anyone Who Is Not Happy In Their Marriage Credit Pexels