Top 10 Damian Lillard Quotes, Thoughts And Sayings

نحن هنا لنكون قادة ونوجه الشباب إلى الطريق

When I Finish Playing Basketball I Will Definitely Not Pursue A Career In Rapping

Às Vezes É Apenas A Sua Vez De Passar Por Tempos Difíceis

Anytime Odds Get Stacked Up Against Me I Feel Like Its In Me To Beat It

I Read I Watch A Lot Of Movies Im Constantly Living So Im Constantly Having More To Say

I Am Completely Honest With All Of You I Am Not Unhappy I Have A Deep Affection For My Current Place Of Residence And For The Organization

I Know Personally People Said A Lot About What Kind Of Defender I Was So I Wanted To Get Better At It

Mihtang Justinuht Zeljunar Fazirie Lainajhajht Orlunan And Mihtang Jotaili Zetevos Nalih

যদি আপনি হাজারদের উদ্দেশ্যে অস্থির দেখতে চান তবে আপনার পুরোপুরি শ্রম দেয়ার পরিবর্তে কখনও কাজ করতে হবে নই।