Youtube Adds New Automation To Improve Age Restriction Consistency & The Week'S Digital Marketing News

Episode 141 Titled We Kid You Not Youtube Puts New Emphasis On Ageappropriate Content Focuses On Youtubes Recent Emphasis On Ensuring Ageappropriate Content On Their Platform

Potential Means Of Consistent Age Restriction Application Explored By Youtube Using Automation Key News Development Of The Week

Automated Methods Are Being Employed By Youtube In Order To Uniformly Impose Age Restrictions For A Consistent Viewing Experience If Users On External Websites Want To Watch Videos With Age Restrictions They Will Now Be Directed To Youtube Where They Must Be Signed In And Above The Age Of 18 To View Them This Step Has Been Taken To Maintain Appropriate Viewership For All Videos Wherever They Are Found

Linkedin Has Launched A New Redesign That Includes Stories And Other Features In Other News

Allegations Have Been Made Against Facebook For Allegedly Using Instagram Users Cameras To Spy On Them This Is Especially Alarming Considering That Many People Browse Their Instagram Feeds While Using The Bathroom

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