Why Happiness is Important to Our Well Being?

By Surajit Roy

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The old saying – “what is happiness?” – is actually a great question to ask in the workplace. In fact, when I worked with a group of people who were struggling with the question, we came up with some great guidelines for finding happiness. After developing our own techniques, we asked about the question in a workplace and one of the responses we got was, “having a sense of personal fulfillment”, which is actually a good way to think of the workplace.

What is happiness?

According to Charles Gordy, it is an evolving state of being that can happen spontaneously and intimately with the right circumstances. He also said that most people are deeply satisfied with their own lives but are unable to share this happiness with others. People want to be understood, have fulfilling relationships, and have a sense of connection with the world.

Why is it important to be happy in your job?

Studies have shown that happy people have more energy and are more efficient than unhappy ones. They also have more productive work hours and are less likely to be involved in interpersonal conflicts and drama. More importantly, they are more satisfied with their jobs and their lives. Happy workers are productive workers!

So what is happiness anyway?

Dr. Burns describes it as, “a mental state of complete equilibrium between what you need and the resources you have.” For most of us, that means having enough money to get by, a healthy body, the right friends and the right places to be. But if you are missing those elements, you may find that your sense of balance and well-being will slip.

Why is it important to be happy in the workplace?

It is important to be happy at work. It is important to be happy in your relationships. Most of all, however, it is extremely important to be happy in your own life. If you spend your days wondering if your life is going in the right direction, you will find yourself not living life to the fullest. What is happiness, and why is it important to be happy?

As people who lead busy lives, we sometimes find that we do not have the time to nurture friendships outside of the home. Our personal relationships can suffer. This shift can make us feel isolated and unhappy. Making the connections that lead to lasting happiness and fulfillment is important. If you are working in an office building or a warehouse or any place where you meet people every day, you have a duty to make the connections with these people and share with them the joy of happiness.

What is happiness anyway?

Dr. Burns again: “happiness is a mental state that combines the feelings of worth that you have about yourself and the feelings of value that other people attribute to you.” The feeling of worth and value are the fuel that gives us the energy to pursue our objectives and move toward our goals. The energy generated by our friendships and workplace relationships helps to fuel this desire to become successful and prosperous. If you are happy in the workplace, your energy will flow both outward and inward, positively affecting the people around you.

When you are happy in life?

There are many reasons for this. One of the most important reasons for happiness is that you are not wasting your time. When you are in a state of happiness, you are focused on the present and do not focus on what will happen in the future.

In short, it is important to be happy because a life full of joy is a life full of accomplishment, fulfillment, and satisfaction. You might think that it would be difficult to maintain such high levels of happiness, but you would be wrong. Happiness is easy.

Another reason that happiness is important is that happy people enjoy their life to the fullest. As I mentioned before, being happy is easy. Some people might say that they do not have to be happy because everything is going well for them. While this may be true in some situations, for the vast majority of people it is necessary to have a happy life.


In short, you must be happy to be alive, and then you will experience the joy and satisfaction that being alive can offer. You can look at being happy as an added bonus. The additional happiness you experience will help you be even happier in the future.

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