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Do you have trouble understanding a book? Try talking to someone else who has read it? I could be your friend, coach or fellow readers. If you’re confused, you might be able to figure it out by reading my review about the book. If you’re having trouble understanding a book, I am there for you, who has read it. My book review might be able to figure it out by talking about the book.


If you want to get better at reading, you should start by picking better books. It’s harder to make good choices if your house is full of junk, and it’s hard to get good insights from books that haven’t stood the test of time. New books are often full of lies and are quickly forgotten.


It is okay to stop reading a book if it is not a good book. You will never read a great book if you are wasting your time on a bad book.

Surajit Roy

A Book Review of Ravish Kumar’s “The Free Voice”

Uncover the secrets of democracy, culture, and nationalism in "The Free Voice"! Dive into this insightful book review for a fresh perspective on society's pressing issues.

Surajit Roy

The Saffron Tide – The Rise of the BJP: Book Review!

Dive into the political upheaval with 'The Saffron Tide: The Rise Of The BJP' book review! Uncover the captivating narrative behind India's transformative political journey. Read now!

Surajit Roy

When Crime Pays: A Book Review!

Uncover the dark underbelly of Indian politics in "When Crime Pays: Money and Muscle in Indian Politics"! Read our gripping book review now!

Surajit Roy

India Emerging Book Review!

Discover the latest insights on India's rising prominence! Dive into our captivating book review and uncover the secrets of India's emergence on the global stage!

Surajit Roy

Seven Decades of Independent India Book Review!

Discover the ultimate review of "Seven Decades of Independent India"! Uncover the highs, lows, and revelations of India's journey post-independence.

Surajit Roy

A Look at Rebecca Serle’s “Expiration Dates”!

Discover the captivating world of 'Expiration Dates' by Rebecca Serle! Dive into a story of love, fate, and life's unexpected twists. Click now for a journey you won't forget!

Surajit Roy

Book Review James by Percival Everett!

Dive into the electrifying reimagining of Huck Finn's tale! James by Percival Everett is a riveting journey down the Mississippi River, filled with humor, heart, and unforgettable characters. Don't miss this modern literary masterpiece!

Surajit Roy

Book Review “Good Half Gone” written by Tarryn Fisher!

Uncover the chilling truth behind 'Good Half Gone' by Tarryn Fisher! Dive into our gripping book review for a thrilling journey you won't forget.

Surajit Roy

“Art of the Job Search” – Book Synopsis!

Master the Art of Job Hunting with Insider Secrets! Get Ahead in Your Career with This Must-Read Book Synopsis. Unleash Your Potential Now!

Surajit Roy

“Switchers” – Book Synopsis!

Transform Your Career Overnight! Dive into 'Switchers' - The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your Dream Job. Unleash Your Potential Today!

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