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Do you have trouble understanding a book? Try talking to someone else who has read it? I could be your friend, coach or fellow readers. If you’re confused, you might be able to figure it out by reading my review about the book. If you’re having trouble understanding a book, I am there for you, who has read it. My book review might be able to figure it out by talking about the book.


If you want to get better at reading, you should start by picking better books. It’s harder to make good choices if your house is full of junk, and it’s hard to get good insights from books that haven’t stood the test of time. New books are often full of lies and are quickly forgotten.


It is okay to stop reading a book if it is not a good book. You will never read a great book if you are wasting your time on a bad book.

Surajit Roy

Book Review : 80/20 Your Life

“Efficiency is most important because it will help someone progress in their career.” Surajit Roy In the book, ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : Why Not Me?

“A broken heart can give you strength.” Surajit Roy Zoya and the author fell in love with each ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : As A Man Thinketh

“Our thoughts have power over our health, body, and circumstances; we become what we think.” Surajit Roy This ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : The Hidden Hindu

“Science is a way of discovering the secrets of the universe, while spirituality is a way of understanding ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : The Psychology of Money

“Well-managed personal finances can help you control your money to reach your financial goals.” Surajit Roy “Money’s greatest ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : The Art of Saying No

“Saying no can help reduce resentment that you may feel towards the person who made the request.” ~ ...

Surajit Roy

Book Review : Do Epic Shit

Unleash your potential with "Do Epic Shit"! Dive into the captivating book introduction and summary for life-changing insights and inspiration.

Surajit Roy

Book Review : The Broken Pillars of Democracy

Uncover the truth about democracy's flaws with "The Broken Pillars of Democracy" by Nitish Rajput. Get insights from the book introduction and summary!