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Uncover the ultimate survival secrets in "The Lost Ways" review! Learn how this book prepares you for any disaster scenario.

“Embrace preparation: Imagine a world stripped bare. ‘The Lost Ways’ beckons readiness.”

~ Surajit Roy

Imagine yourself, not amidst the sterile comfort of modern life, but thrust into a world stripped bare of its conveniences. There are no supermarkets stocked with neatly packaged meals, no hospitals dispensing potent medicines, and no internet offering instant access to information. This is the reality “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis invites you to contemplate and, more importantly, prepare for. But is this survival guide merely sensationalized hype or a genuine treasure trove of forgotten knowledge? Buckle up, fellow explorers, as we embark on a deep dive into Davis’s offering, unearthing its strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate value for the modern prepper.

Book Review Summary

Book TitleThe Lost Ways Book
AuthorClaude Davis
Book GenresNon Fiction
CategorySelf Help
My Rating4.5/5

About The Author

Claude Davis, an advocate for old-fashioned living, embodies the wisdom and self-reliance of bygone eras. He practices what he preaches, residing in a handcrafted log cabin with his family. From outdoor cooking to homemade clothing, his lifestyle reflects a deep respect for ancestral teachings. Davis holds that traditional skills are essential for modern survival because he believes that past generations’ resilience has cultivated them.

Book Synopsis: The Lost Ways by Claude Davis

Dive into the world of self-reliance with “The Lost Ways,” a hardcover guidebook measuring 3.54 x 3.54 x 5 inches. In this article, I explore how author Claude Davis resurrects forgotten wisdom from a time when survival meant thriving without modern conveniences. Discover how this meticulously crafted book equips readers to navigate worst-case scenarios, embracing the self-sufficiency of our forefathers in an ever-changing world.

Book Highlights

A Beacon in the Wilderness: Unveiling the Book’s Content

“The Lost Ways” isn’t just a book; it’s a meticulously crafted toolkit for self-reliance. Divided into clear sections, it delves into crucial aspects of survival, like:

  • Shelter Construction: From basic lean-tos to sturdy log cabins, Davis lays out various options, empowering you to create a haven even in the most challenging environments.
  • Food Storage & Preservation: Learn the art of canning, drying, and fermenting food, ensuring you have a sustainable sustenance source long after supermarket shelves have emptied.
  • Medicinal Plants: Uncover the hidden healing power of nature’s pharmacy, with detailed information on identifying and utilizing beneficial plants (remember, always consult a qualified healthcare professional before using any natural remedies).
  • Water Purification: Discover ingenious methods to transform murky water into a life-giving liquid, a skill as vital as finding water itself.
  • Animal Tracking & Trapping: Hone your primitive hunting skills, learning to ethically and sustainably acquire food from the wild.

This is just a glimpse into the vast array of knowledge crammed within “The Lost Ways.” It’s important to note that the information leans heavily on historical practices and may require adaptation to specific environments and legal regulations.

Beyond the Pages: Additional Resources and Accessibility

Davis generously extends learning beyond the physical book. Each copy comes with access to bonus ebooks delving deeper into specific topics, like herbal remedies and wilderness navigation. This multi-format approach caters to different learning styles and ensures you have readily available resources at your fingertips.

Black & White or Technicolor Survival? Considering Presentation and Price

While the wealth of information within “The Lost Ways” is undeniable, the physical book itself has some presentation drawbacks. The black and white illustrations, while functional, lack the visual impact of color photographs, which could aid in comprehension for some readers. Additionally, the book’s hefty size and limited availability can lead to extended shipping times and potentially higher prices compared to some competitors.

Treading Carefully: A Note on Medicinal Plants and Email Marketing

The inclusion of information on medicinal plants is a valuable asset, but it comes with a crucial caveat: never rely solely on a book for identifying and using such plants. Misidentification can have serious health consequences. Always confirm plant identification with a qualified herbalist or healthcare professional before using them medicinally. Furthermore, while Davis offers an opt-out option for email marketing, some readers might find the initial sign-up prompt intrusive.

Preparing for Life’s Storms: The Verdict on “The Lost Ways”

Despite its minor presentation and email marketing quirks, “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis stands as a powerful resource for anyone seeking to bolster their preparedness skills. Its comprehensive scope, detailed explanations, and bonus materials make it an invaluable addition to any survivalist’s library. While not a definitive answer to every possible scenario, it empowers you to face challenges with knowledge and confidence, a skill set worth its weight in gold when the lights go out, figuratively or literally.


Remember, true preparedness extends beyond stockpiling supplies. It’s about cultivating a mindset of resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience. “The Lost Ways” serves as a valuable guide on this journey, reminding us that even in the most challenging circumstances, the human spirit, armed with knowledge and ingenuity, can prevail.

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