Unearthing A Dark Family History

By Surajit Roy

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The Tragic Tale of a Young Man’s Uncle

John was only 10 years old when his father was brutally murdered by his own brother, his uncle. He remembered that fateful day like it was yesterday. He had been playing in the garden when he heard shouting coming from inside the house. He had never heard his father and uncle arguing before, so he knew something was wrong. He ran inside, but it was too late. His father was lying there bleeding out, and his uncle was standing over him with a bloody knife in his hand.

John, in shock, had run away from the scene and hid in a nearby forest until the police had found him hours later. His uncle had been arrested and charged with murder, but somehow had been released by the police. John had never spoken of the incident again, choosing to keep it a secret from the world.

But now, years later, his niece was visiting his uncle and wanted to get to know him better. At first, John was against it. But his niece was determined and he eventually agreed. He decided to tell her the truth about her uncle, hoping it would make her see him for the monster he was.

John told her the story of the murder, and how his uncle had been released. His niece was horrified. She couldn’t believe that her uncle was capable of such a heinous act. She was so hurt and confused that she decided to leave and never speak to him again.

John was relieved that his niece was safe and he could finally put the past behind him. But he also felt guilty for not being able to protect his father from his uncle’s wrath. He realized that he had to live with the pain of his father’s death for the rest of his life, and he had to find a way to cope with it.

John slowly began to accept his past and move on. He started to focus on the present and the future, and he was even able to forgive his uncle. He realized that he was not responsible for what his uncle had done, and he found peace in that.

John was finally able to move on with his life, and he was thankful that his niece was safe. He knew that she was strong, and that she would find a way to make the best of her life, no matter what the circumstances.

John still thought of his father every day, but he was able to find strength and peace in his memory. He knew that his father would have wanted him to be happy and to move on with his life, and John was determined to do just that.

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