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Book review of Why Not Me. A autobiographies book by, Anubhav Agrawal. To read more, please visit, .

“A broken heart can give you strength.”

Surajit Roy

Zoya and the author fell in love with each other in their school days. But, their relationship was always one-sided. Zoya never reciprocated the author’s feelings. The author always hoped that someday Zoya would realize her feelings and they would be together. But, that never happened.

The author always remained in love with Zoya and even after they grew up and went their separate ways, the author never stopped loving her. Even though they never had a proper relationship, the author still cherishes the memories of their time together.

Book Details

Book Title Why Not Me? – A feeling of Millions 
Author Anubhav Agrawal
Book Genres Biographies
Category Autobiographies
My Rating 4.1
“Why not me?” book review summary.

About The Author

Anubhav Agrawal is an Indian author who is followed by more than five million people on social media. He started writing in 2016, but his videos didn’t start getting recognition until 2019. Within a year, his videos had gathered more than 1 Billion views on all social media platforms. 

The author’s debut book is called “Why Not Me?” and it’s about a person’s experiences with relationships during their late teens and early 20s. It covers a range of emotions, from being in love to being heartbroken. “Why Not Me?” is a book that was launched in 2020 and has been a number one national best seller since its release. More than 75,000 copies of the book have been sold. The author’s second book, “Hands Down: The Simplest Ways to Move On”, is a self-help book that provides guidance to people who are trying to move on with their lives.

Book Introduction – Why Not Me

Anubhav falls in love with Zoya and they become friends. For four years, he waits for her to love him back, but she never does. He thinks that if she ever leaves him, he will be devastated. However, it turns out that her leaving is the best gift ever. He learns to love himself again.

This book is about a person’s life and how it changes. It is a very relatable book and it helps the reader to grow and get a new perspective on life. It is a very motivational and inspiring book.

Book Highlights

The Storyline

A hopeless romantic is someone who follows their heart instead of their mind. This can lead to them getting hurt because their heart doesn’t know that the other person might not feel the same way. Sometimes people try to adjust to the person they love, but it takes two people to make it work. If only one person is trying, it can feel like a burden.

A love story is when two people care for each other and are attracted to each other. Not all love stories have a happy ending because sometimes people give too much love and care to the other person and forget to take care of themselves. When you love someone more than they deserve, they may start to take you for granted. It’s important to love yourself first so that others will want to love you too.

Be a part of your heart.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re a part of someone’s heart. It’s a feeling of warmth and happiness, knowing that you mean something special to someone else. When you’re a part of someone’s heart, you’re a part of their life in a very special way. You’re the one they turn to when they’re happy, sad, angry, or just need someone to talk to. You’re someone they can rely on, and that’s a very special thing.

Appreciate your efforts to be with that person.

It’s easy to think that everyone wants love, but the truth is that not everyone is capable of giving or receiving love in a healthy way. If you’re looking for love, it’s important to find someone who will care about your love and appreciate your efforts to be with them. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up feeling used and unfulfilled.

No one is ever forgotten.

You can never forget someone, but after a while it stops creating an impact on your heart and mind. You can still see their face and hear their voice in your memories, but it doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. Time heals all wounds, and eventually you’ll be able to think about that person without feeling the pain of loss.


So, Anubhav Agarwal’s “Why not Me” is a romantic novel about a broken-hearted guy… not once, but twice! The book is founded on the real life history of the author. A girl named Zoya Khan enters her life and ends up breaking her heart into a million pieces… not just one time, but twice! Anubhav did everything possible to make her happy, but she was not concerned about him or his feelings.

The book was simple and fast to read, and the author tried to put forward a few life lessons from his own life. The writing style was pretty impressive, but the book was not as good as the reader was expecting.

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