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By Surajit Roy

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How a Young Man’s Hiding Becomes His Obsession

The young man hadn’t seen the light of day in months. He had been urgently attempting to remain invisible and safe by lurking in the shadows. Although the travel had been exhausting and protracted, he was adamant that it would succeed.

The young man had never known who his father was. He had never been seen; he always appeared to be away on some unknown task. But now, after spending months in hiding, the boy had grown fixated on discovering what his father was up to and when his family would leave.

In an effort to make sense of what was going on around him, he started to investigate his own life. To better understand his father’s actions, he probed around, asked questions, and made other inquiries. Additionally, he began to establish connections with those in his immediate vicinity, gradually getting to know them and learning about their lives.

His father eventually told him what he had been doing all this time one day. He was relocating the family to a more tranquil, rural place, away from the metropolis. The young man was shocked, but he was looking forward to the new experience.

The young man was resolved to make the most of the new opportunities and difficulties presented by the move. He adapted to his new environment and began to socialise. He also found gardening to be a new love.

The young man rapidly developed a passion for gardening, spending hours taking care of the plants in his yard and studying everything he could about the science of plant growth. His father was moved by his son’s sudden enthusiasm, and the two of them started to form a close relationship.

As he gained self-assurance, the young guy made the decision to further explore his newly discovered love by enrolling in college to study horticulture. He was able to get through college and finally find success as a garden designer thanks to the assistance of his father.

The story of the young man had completed a circle. He had transformed from a timid youngster hiding in the shadows to a self-assured and prosperous adult. It was all because of his father and the encouragement he had given him along the road that he was now enjoying his life on his own terms.

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