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These exports businesses make you millions.

With the growing interconnectedness of the world, the process of exporting goods has become more accessible than ever before. The proliferation of eCommerce and logistics innovations has enabled businesses, regardless of their scale, to leverage untapped global markets as a means of expanding their revenue streams. In the following discourse, I shall be presenting the top 10 readily exportable business ventures that can be initiated at present to capitalise on this trend.

1. Handmade Crafts.

Artisanal crafts are a highly sought-after commodity for international trade due to their distinctiveness and ability to embody the cultural heritage of their country of origin. The contemporary market for handmade crafts is thriving, encompassing a diverse range of items from pottery to textiles. Thanks to the advent of online marketplaces, artisans can now easily connect with a global audience of potential buyers.

2. Beauty and Personal Care Products.

The export of beauty and personal care products has become a highly coveted commodity. The diverse range of products, spanning from skincare to makeup, demonstrate a notable profit margin and experience a widespread international demand. The beauty and personal care industry is a convenient sector to commence operations in as international shipment of its products is typically subject to minimal restrictions.

3. Organic Foods.

Organic foods are growing in popularity around the world as consumers become more health-conscious. From fruits and vegetables to grains and nuts, there is a significant demand for organic products. With proper certification and shipping processes, exporting organic foods can be a lucrative business.

4. Pet Products.

The pet industry is experiencing a significant growth due to the high level of affection that people have towards their pets. Pet products encompass a wide range of items, including food, toys, grooming products, and accessories. These products have a global market appeal and can be exported to numerous countries worldwide. Given the appropriate assortment of products, initiating this enterprise can prove to be a straightforward and lucrative endeavour.

5. Home Decor.

The perpetual demand for home decor products has been further amplified by the advent of online marketplaces, which have facilitated the process of reaching out to a global clientele. There exists a substantial potential to expand the exportation of various products ranging from furniture to lighting into untapped markets.

6. Electronics.

Electronics have emerged as a prominent export commodity owing to the high global demand for smartphones, laptops, and other similar devices. Although it may appear to be a relatively intricate enterprise to initiate, it has the potential to be a profitable undertaking with the appropriate suppliers and logistics collaborators.

7. Toys and Games.

The global demand for toys and games remains consistently high, and the advent of eCommerce has facilitated the process of reaching a wider audience. The toy and game industry boasts a wide-ranging appeal, encompassing classic board games and cutting-edge gadgets alike, and has the potential to yield significant profits.

8. Sports Equipment.

Sports equipment is a highly sought-after commodity in the export market, as numerous nations exhibit a substantial inclination towards items such as bicycles, tennis rackets, and golf clubs. By leveraging appropriate suppliers and logistics partners, this venture has the potential to yield profitable returns.

9. Health and Fitness Products.

The global market for health and fitness products is experiencing significant growth, as individuals seek to enhance their overall health and wellness. There exists a substantial potential to expand the exportation of various fitness-related commodities, ranging from dietary supplements to exercise equipment, into untapped markets.

10. Baby Products.

The market for baby products is consistently robust, and with the advent of eCommerce, it has become increasingly convenient to locate a global customer base. There exists a substantial potential for exporting various childcare products, ranging from diapers to strollers, to untapped markets.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQ):

1. What are the top 10 businesses that are easy to export?

Answer: According to industry experts, the most export-friendly businesses include handmade crafts, beauty and personal care products, organic foods, pet products, home decor, electronics, toys and games, sports equipment, health and fitness products, and baby products.

2. What makes these businesses easy to export?

Answer: Exporting these businesses is facilitated by their wide appeal, global demand, and ease of international shipping with minimal restrictions.

3. How can I start exporting these products?

Answer: In order to commence the export of these products, it is imperative to identify suitable suppliers, devise efficient shipping and logistics procedures, and conduct thorough research on the pertinent regulations and certifications mandated for exporting to distinct nations.

4. Do I need any special training or qualifications to start an export business?

Answer: Although not mandatory, possessing a prior knowledge of international trade or collaborating with seasoned partners who can offer guidance can prove advantageous when launching an export enterprise.

5. How can I find buyers for my exported products?

Answer: One effective strategy for locating potential buyers for your exported goods is to leverage online marketplaces, participate in trade shows, cultivate a network of global contacts, and collaborate with local distributors and partners.

6. What are the potential risks and challenges of exporting goods?

Answer: Exporting goods entails various risks and challenges such as complying with customs and regulations, adapting to currency fluctuations and trade barriers, overseeing logistics and shipping, and contending with entrenched local competitors.


Numerous businesses that are simple to export can be initiated today, as evident. For those with a penchant for handmade crafts, electronics, or health and fitness products, there exists a substantial prospect to leverage untapped global markets and expand one’s enterprise. Exporting goods can prove to be a lucrative business opportunity, provided you have the right suppliers and logistics partners in place. This can help elevate your business to new heights.

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