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By Surajit Roy

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Unravel the spine-tingling mystery with our Murder Road book review! Dive into the twists, turns, and chilling suspense that make this a must-read thriller!

“Haunted by murders, April and Eddie unearth dark secrets on Murder Road.”

~ Surajit Roy

As a skilled writer, Simone St. James creates captivating stories that combine different genres and keep readers hooked. Her new novel, Murder Road, is no exception. This book summary will give you a book introduction and a novel synopsis of this thrilling tale. Murder Road is set in 1995 and follows a couple who encounter a series of murders along a haunted road. Here is my Murder Road book review.

Book Review Summary

Book TitleMurder Road
AuthorSimone St. James
Book GenresFiction Novel, Mystery Thriller
CategoryHorror, Mystery, Thriller
My Rating4.7/5

About The Author

Simone St. James is a famous author of mysteries and thrillers with a touch of the supernatural. She has won many awards for her books, such as “The Book of Cold Cases” and “The Haunting of Maddy Clare”. She started writing ghost stories in high school and worked in TV production before becoming a full-time writer. She lives near Toronto with her husband and cat. This is my Murder Road book review, a novel synopsis of her latest book.

Book Synopsis: Murder Road by Simone St. James

In “Murder Road,” a spine-tingling tale set in July 1995, April and Eddie’s honeymoon takes a terrifying turn when they encounter a hitchhiker on a desolate road. What begins as a simple act of kindness spirals into a nightmare as they become prime suspects in a series of grisly murders haunting Atticus Line. Determined to clear their names, the couple delves into the town’s dark past, uncovering sinister secrets and confronting a malevolent force that threatens to consume them. Simone St. James’s chilling masterpiece will enthrall you.

Book Highlights

The Enigmatic Plot Unveiled

“Murder Road” introduces us to April and Eddie, a newlywed couple embarking on a honeymoon trip to a quaint Michigan town. However, their blissful journey takes a dark turn when they encounter a hitchhiker on Atticus Lane, a remote and foreboding stretch of road. What begins as a simple act of kindness spirals into a harrowing ordeal as the couple finds themselves entangled in a web of murder and mystery.

Supernatural Elements and Thrilling Twists

What sets “Murder Road” apart is its seamless integration of supernatural horror and thrilling suspense. St. James masterfully infuses the narrative with ghostly elements, creating an atmosphere charged with tension and dread. As April and Eddie delve deeper into the secrets of Atticus Lane, they uncover a series of chilling revelations that defy explanation.

Intriguing Character Dynamics

Central to the allure of “Murder Road” are its richly drawn characters, each shrouded in layers of complexity. April and Eddie’s relationship undergoes intense scrutiny as they navigate the treacherous terrain of suspicion and betrayal. Meanwhile, the enigmatic figures of Detectives Quentin and Beam add another dimension to the narrative, their motives veiled in ambiguity.

Atmospheric World-Building

Simone St. James excels at creating immersive settings that leap off the page, and “Murder Road” is no exception. The small town of Cold Lake Falls serves as a backdrop for the unfolding drama, with its streets steeped in history and secrets. From the eerie ambiance of the local hospital to the ominous presence of the B&B run by the mysterious Rose, every location is imbued with palpable tension.

Heart-Pounding Suspense and Unforeseen Twists

As the mystery of Atticus Lane unravels, “Murder Road” keeps readers on the edge of their seats with its relentless pace and spine-tingling suspense. Each revelation peels back another layer of the intricate plot, leading to a climax that is as shocking as it is satisfying. The novel’s 90s setting adds an extra layer of nostalgia, transporting readers to a time when mysteries lurked around every corner.


In conclusion, “Murder Road” is a tour de force of suspense and supernatural intrigue that solidifies Simone St. James’s reputation as a master storyteller. Murder Road, a novel by Simone St. James, combines horror and suspense in a captivating way. I hope this book summary and review have given you a book introduction and a novel synopsis of this thrilling tale. This is my Murder Road book review, where I praise the author’s skill and the novel’s impact. Murder Road takes you to a dark and dangerous place, where you will meet unforgettable characters and shocking twists.

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