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By Surajit Roy

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Discover the ultimate novel synopsis of Camilla Isley's "It's Complicated"! Dive into the twists and turns of friendship and love in this captivating rom-com.

“Love’s journey twists, blurring lines; friends, fake romance—heart’s unraveling tale.”

~ Surajit Roy

In this book review of “It’s Complicated” by Camilla Isley, I delve into the heartwarming essence of friendship, love, and the intricate journey that unfolds within its pages. At 277 pages, this Kindle eBook promises a delightful rom-com experience. As I summarize the novel’s synopsis, I aim to provide insight into Isley’s masterful storytelling. For those seeking a comprehensive analysis, this review serves as a reliable resource, akin to the best book summary websites.

Book Review Summary

Book TitleIt’s Complicated
Author NameCamilla Isley
GenresRomance, Contemporary
CategoryContemporary Romance, Clean Romance
My Rating4.2/5

About the Author: Camilla Isley

Camilla Isley, a former engineer turned contemporary rom-com author, brings her whimsical storytelling to life in It’s Complicated. With a penchant for crafting endearing characters and heartwarming narratives, Isley’s books offer a delightful escape into the world of love and laughter. A self-proclaimed cat lover, coffee addict, and shoe hoarder, Isley’s eclectic interests infuse her writing with charm and relatability.

Book Synopsis: It’s Complicated by Camilla Isley

It’s Complicated Summary | Hindi Audiobook | Book Summary

In this book synopsis of “It’s Complicated,” Lori navigates the complexities of unrequited love for her best friend Aiden. Desperate for a wedding date, she enlists Jace, their mutual friend and best man, for a fake relationship. Yet, as their charade progresses, Lori’s feelings for Jace blur the lines of their friendship. With humor and heart, this book unravels the tangled web of emotions, love, and unexpected turns.

Book Review Highlights

A Tale of Friendship, Love, and Fake Dating

Lori, Aiden, and Jace have been inseparable friends since their college days. But when Lori finds herself grappling with unrequited feelings for Aiden, who is on the brink of tying the knot, she concocts a plan to fake date Jace, the best man at Aiden’s wedding. What ensues is a rollercoaster of emotions as the lines between fake and real blur, leading Lori and Jace down a path neither anticipated.

Endearing Characters and Complicated Relationships

Isley’s characters leap off the page with their relatable quirks and genuine emotions. Lori’s journey of self-discovery and navigating her tangled feelings for Aiden and Jace is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Jace, with his brooding charm and unwavering support for Lori, adds depth to the narrative, while Aiden’s impending marriage casts a shadow of uncertainty over their friendship.

A Page-Turner with Heart and Humor

At just under 277 pages, It’s Complicated is a brisk read that packs a punch. Isley’s narrative prowess shines as she weaves together moments of laughter, longing, and love. The banter between the characters is sharp and witty, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish. Despite its lighthearted tone, the novel doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexities of relationships, making it a thoroughly satisfying read.

A Few Quibbles and Final Thoughts

While It’s Complicated excels at capturing the charm of the friends-to-lovers trope and fake dating dynamics, some readers may find the pacing slightly rushed, and the resolution of conflicts too neat. Additionally, those seeking steamier romances may find the closed-door approach less appealing.

My Rating

With a critical book review rating of 4.2 out of 5, “It’s Complicated” by Camilla Isley showcases the heartwarming essence of friendship and love. Through 277 pages of delightful rom-com, Isley masterfully navigates the complexities of relationships. As I dissect the novel synopsis, readers gain insight into the intricacies of Isley’s storytelling. For a comprehensive analysis akin to the best book summaries, this review serves as a reliable resource.


In conclusion, my critical book review of Camilla Isley’s “It’s Complicated” highlights its status as a delightful romantic comedy. With its endearing characters, engaging dialogue, and satisfying conclusion, this book delivers the heartwarming escapism readers crave. Perfect for enthusiasts of clean romances and those seeking feel-good fiction, Isley’s novel leaves a lasting impression. Overall, “It’s Complicated” earns its place as a commendable addition to the genre, offering a charming tale that’s sure to captivate audiences.

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