These Are Top 10 English Horror Movies In The World

If You Desire To View A Horror Film Then You Must Watch These Ten Movies They Are The Top 10 Most Perilous Horror Movies Globally


The Movie Insidious Released In 2010 And Directed By James Wan Portrays The Story Of A Family Whose Son Slips Into A Coma And Becomes A Medium For Wicked Ghosts


The Movie Halloween Released In 1978 Directed By John Carpenter Portrays The Unyielding Hunt Of Michael Myers A Serial Killer

The Ring

This Psychological Horrorthriller Film Revolves Around A Motel Owner With A Disturbed Relationship With His Mother Directed By Alfred Hitchcock In 1960

The Film The Conjuring 2 Is A 2016 Horror Movie Directed By James Wan And Based On The True Accounts Of Ed And Lorraine Warren Reallife Paranormal Investigators

The Nun

The Movie Hereditary Released In 2018 Directed By Ari Aster Depicts A Familys Unraveling Of Dark Secrets After The Death Of Their Grandmother

The Exorcist

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